Sara first meeting with Shu

Sara Ringwalt (サラ・リングワルト) is an American who is mistaken as LaLa-Ru, taken from earth, and imprisoned as a sex slave.


Sara is, at first, a very distraught person. She is afraid and confused on why she is abducted but is able to feel safe through Shu's words. After the first incident, she is abused and starts to lose her innocence. The words Shu speak to her no longer held any weight and she begins to descend into the verge of madness. She ends up escaping Hellywood, killing someone in the process. She blames LaLa-Ru for everything bad that happened to her saying, "Keep her away from me, or else I might kill her."


Sara has probably the most identifiable features in this anime. She has blue eyes and blonde hair.


Sara is first found in a jail cell with Shu. She takes care of him and when Shu wakes up from his torture, he mistakes her for LaLa-Ru. Frightened about Shu's advances, she knocks him unconscious. After Shu wakes up again, he realizes that she is not LaLa-Ru. When Shu starts talking with her, she asks if he knows about America. Shu gives a funny and motivating speech about why he lives in this crazy world after Sara starts to break down. Touched, she starts laughing and he promises they will be free. Once the speech ends, Shu is taken away to be tortured some more, and in the process, she gets dragged away to be raped, twice. The third time she resists and knocks a soldier out with his own gun. She then takes his uniform and runs for it. When she makes it outside she has to kill a guard to get past, so she kills him and runs off. Before completely leaving, she takes off her uniform and throws it onto the ground, leaving her with only a garnet.

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