LaLa-Ru (ララ・ルゥ) is who Shu is trying to save. She is a water sorcerer esc person, who can channel water out of a large water preserve stored in her necklace.


LaLa-Ru is a very non-talkative person. She is always quiet and would rather be by herself. She enjoys watching the sunset over anything else. Though seemingly shy, she is fearless to does dangerous things. Despite her looks, she is tens of thousands of years old.


LaLa-Ru is a girl with blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a pendant around her neck and it is revealed that the pendant is directly tied to her health.


LaLa-Ru first appears in the middle of episode one. Shu finds her atop a large chimney that appears impossible to climb up to. Shu starts asking her a series of questions, and the only thing she responds with is a gesture to the sunset. She signifies that the only thing she likes are sunsets.

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