Hamdo kicking a dead corpse

Hamdo (ハムド) is the dictator of the Hellywood battleship.


Hamdo is twisted, sadistic, and fearful person. He will do anything in his power to get what he wants, disregarding any life as shown when he kills a cat out of anger. He is an impatient man who hates excuses. He is very childish in nature. When things do not go his way, he throws a fit and sometimes resorts to violence aimed at his own men.


Hamdo has black hair and black eyes and always wears his hat and uniform.


Hamdo is first seen torturing Shu for his knowledge about the whereabouts of LaLa-Ru's pendant. Through the series he attempts to get LaLa-Ru to tell him where the pendant is, he tries everything, from threatening violence to seduction.

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