Abelia preparing to lift off

Abelia (アベリア) is Hamdo's main personnel, the highest in command besides Hamdo. She reports directly to Hamdo and answers his requests.


As Hamdo's most prized lieutenant, Lady Abelia gives off an air of authority and rigid perfectionism. She sets out to fulfill the orders of Hamdo, whether that is killing someone innocent or torturing someone. She has a deep commitment to Hamdo, always reassuring him that she will never betray him. Although she never shows it in front of Hamdo, she is a very jealous person. If Hamdo, for example, shows special care to LaLa-Ru, she spites her and threatens her life when Hamdo leaves.

It's implied throughout the series that Abelia becomes increasingly exhausted and resentful towards the mountain of responsibility placed on her shoulders by her paranoid king and his growing obsession with Lala-Ru. This is exemplified towards the finale, when she makes no move to assist Hamdo when it becomes clear his end is near.


Abelia wears the standard uniform, has medium length hair, and has grey eyes.


Abelia is first seen attempting to take LaLa-Ru away after chasing her for a long period of time. Abelia teleports both Shu and LaLa-Ru to another world. Abelia, after a conflict with Shu, captures him, and tortures him for days on end after Shu lost LaLa-Ru's pendant. Abelia ends up letting Shu join their army, because of manpower concerns, after she realized Shu does not know where the pendant is.

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