"A Girl Admiring The Sunset"
Episode 01
A girl admiring the sunset
tasogare wo mitsu meru shoujo
Air Date
October 14, 1999
Theme Songs
Now and Then, Here and There
Episode descriptions
A Boy and a Mad King
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A Girl Admiring The Sunset (黄昏を見つめる少女 tasogare wo mitsu meru shoujo?) is the first episode of the Now and Then, Here and There anime series.

Plot summaryEdit

Shu wakes up and is excited for the new day. In fact, it is the day he gets to face his opponent in kendo. As the fight starts, Shu fights Oda. Without any consideration for what might happen, Shu rushes Oda. He keeps rushing his opponent until he himself is out of statima and eventually gets hit. During the fight Shu only uses ten, disregarding the other hit styles. When Shu makes comments about how close a fight they had, Oda snaps and lectures Shu on why his fights are very lackluster, "Think of a plan before going in, you can't call that a fight!" Shu is then shown walking around the town thinking about something. He ends up seeing some smokestacks. He attempts to climb the tallest one, but it appears to be impossible because the latter is broken off. Deciding it is not worth it, he climbs the next tallest one. Upon climbing he discovers a girl named LaLa-Ru sitting on top of the tallest smokestack. After some discussion Shu notices that time has stopped, and out of nowhere a head military officer named Abelia teleports in from another world proclaiming "I finally found you, LaLa-Ru." Moments after they are then all teleported to the battleship Hellywood in another world. LaLa-Ru ends up getting captured and Shu is shown falling down to the barren wasteland with LaLa-Ru's pendant.

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